What is Eurofest?

eurofest-logo-fullEurofest is the UK’s biggest Eurovision and Europop club night, shamelessly celebrating the best music from across Europe.

We hold events around every three months at London’s historic Royal Vauxhall Tavern, with around 250 to 350 people attending each event. We always have a live act performing, generally someone with a Eurovision connection. Our previous artists include Shirley Clamp (Sweden), Hera Bjork (Iceland), Nikki French (United Kingdom) and Omar Naber (Slovenia) amongst others.

At Eurofest we fly the flag for Europop all night long with six hours of Euro-tastic music, provided by our DJs Don Grant, Dave Simmons and John Hagley, who bring their 25 years’ experience of playing all things European. You can expect plenty of hits from that year’s Eurovision Song Contest, Eurovisions past and some classic Europop.

From ABBA to Gina G to Aqua, from Corona to Helena Paparizou to Cascada, from Shirley Clamp to Steps to September, from Hera Bjork to Eric Saade to 2 Unlimited, Eurofest is the place to come and dance, sing along and be taken to your heaven.

Actually knowing much Europop or Eurovision is strictly optional for your enjoyment of Eurofest. These are songs that are expressly designed for you to pick them up well within a single listen, and you’ll be around the most unpretentious crowd you can imagine. And all for less than the cost of a Greek bank!

We always announce details of our live events here on the website, or you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

If you want a taste of some of the live acts we have hosted at Eurofest in the past then check out these videos of Shirley Clamp in July 2012, Hera Bjork in July 2013, and our very first guest Hazell Dean in January 2012.

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