Omar Naber – April 2013

Omar NaberOmar Naber represented his native Slovenia at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005 in Kiev with his song “Stop“. Sadly Omar didn’t qualify for the final, a decision we didn’t agree with at the time and still don’t now! He finished a respectable 12th in the semi-final with 69 points, 16 points behind the 10th place qualifier Latvia.

Eurofest Apr 19 FlyerOmar was born in Ljubljana in 1981. His mother is Slovene and his father is Jordanian.

He appeared on the TV talent show Bitka Talentov (Battle of the Talents) in 2004 which he won. This won him the chance to take part in EMA 2005, the Slovene show to choose their song for the Eurovision Song Contest. Omar won EMA, beating 13 other performers and winning the opportunity to go to Kiev. He was in third position after round one of the voting, but came first after round two.

In Kiev Omar was joined on stage by Slovene singer Teja Saksida who performed the soprano section of the song.

Omar has attempted to represent Slovenia three further times at Eurovision: in 2009 with “I Still Carry On“, in 2011 with “Bistvo Skrito Je Očem” and in 2014, after his Eurofest performance, with the aptly titled “I Won’t Give Up“.



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