Kati Wolf – November 2014

Kati Wolf 9

Kati Wolf is best known for representing her home country of Hungary at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest in Dusseldorf. Kati gave a great performance, qualifying for the Grand Final and finishing with a respectable 53 points (including the maximum Douze Points from Finland).

Kati was also the fan favourite in 2011 and finished top of the scoreboard for the votes of the Eurovision fan clubs.

Kati has been singing from a very early age, and even sang the title track of the popular Hungarian cartoon “Vuk” when she was just seven years old! She worked as a music teacher for several years, before coming to public prominence again when she was a finalist in the first series of the Hungarian TV show “X-Faktor”. After beating more than 5,000 partipants to get to the final, Kati finished in sixth place.

Since taking part in Eurovision, Kati has continued to release songs and perform. Her latest hit “Nyar Van” (It’s Summer) was released in Hungary earlier in 2014.

Kati is married and has two children, and recently the family spent a year living in Hong Kong due to her husband’s work as a diplomat.

Kati flew in from Budapest to perform for us at Eurofest on 21 November 2014.

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